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Mona Broschar


Mona Broschar — Born 1985, Bad-Sackingen, Germany. Lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Represented by Eve Leibe Gallery; L21 Gallery, Mallorca; and Galerie Cyprian Brenner, Germany.


Through plastic painting, Mona Broschar stylizes banal everyday objects and situations into highly artificial, desirable and sexualized objects. Harmonious and gloomy come in pairs in the scaled-up images that Broschár develops, as they depict a tipping moment. Ice cream, fruit and sausages make a frequent appearance only to become subverted by more sinister antagonists such as hair, tongues or teeth. There is a tangible element of 3-dimensional space and flatness that allows her subjects to pop from the canvas, yearning for attention.The paintings are meant to induce virtual consumption, but leave the viewers alone with their desires, since touch is only allowed with the imagination. In this way, Broschar addresses the interplay of touch and distance – which has always been indissoluble. Not only since digital culture, and especially in painting. Through her reduced pictorial worlds, Broschár confronts the supposedly harmonious favor with its abysmal and gloomy downside: the voluptuousness of human desires.


Broschar holds a Master in painting and printmaking from the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig. She has a diploma in painting and printmaking from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig and a BA in Fine Art from the Camberwell College of Arts, London. Broschár has shown her work at Gallery Maurer, Frankfurt; Kunsthalle, Darmstadt; Kunsthalle, Basel; A&O Gallery Lab, Leipzig; Weserhalle, Berlin; GR-Gallery, New York; Tuesday to Friday Gallery, Valencia; L21 Gallery, Mallorca; and Eve Leibe Gallery, London.


Bad Girls 2021 - Featured Work

Handicap_100x80cm_Acrylic and Oil on Canvas_2021.jpg


Handicap, 2021

acrylic and oil on canvas

100 x 80 cm - 39.4 x 31.5 inches


Courtesy of the Artist.

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