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November 2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Image by Fred Kearney
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Bad Girls by Gaelle Alexis is a curated showcase of female artists that ‘misbehave’ according to certain standards and conventions. The exhibition highlights artists who challenge us into thinking beyond conventional norms and boundaries. A systemized art journey aimed at celebrating women who inspire through their practice. 

The showcase is inspired by artist M.I.A.’s stirring music video of 2012, and the New Museum’s famous 1994 Bad Girls exhibition which presented the work of 45 artists who confront gender, race, class, and age issues by questioning methods of visual representation.


The New Museum exhibition aimed to define the societal influences that have shaped contemporary notions of femininity, while promoting the subversive acuteness 'bad girls' use to challenge traditional concepts. 

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Female artists are still severely underrepresented in the GCC region, particularly when their work tends to be more conceptual or controversial. 

Throughout this first edition, wallspaceplease aims to create an impact on cultural tendencies by accentuating women empowerment across the globe. 

Art is a strong soft power.

White Fabric

" Oh back it, back it

Yeah pull up to the bumper game read the signal

Cover me, cause I’m changing lanes

I had a handle on it

My life, but I broke it

When I get to where I’m going

Gonna have you saying it "

excerpt from M.I.A.’s Bad Girls lyrics

art is a strong soft power


“For me a Bad Girl meant being different,

different from who I was, or was supposed to become."

Cheryl Dunye

(film director, producer, screenwriter, editor, actress and guest curator

of the New Museum’s Bad Girls exhibition in 1994)

featured artists

Image by Austin Chan


expanding visions

Nomad Desert
Image by ZQ Lee

art is a strong soft power

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a wallspaceplease initiative 


Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 50 405 3482

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